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POSTED July 14, 2021

By ATD-GTC Marketing

ATD Greater Twin Cities Monthly Newsletter: July 2021

Dear Members,

I hope you had a wonderful July 4th!

Wasn’t it really special to finally enjoy the fireworks outside with our communities this year? Our Board Members have also been enjoying the holiday and reconnecting with friends and loved ones in person, so there isn’t a formal welcome this month.

However, the brief hiatus provides an opportunity tell you a little about this new reincarnation of the newsletter and ask for your feedback on how it can be improved.

When the new Marketing and Communications team was formed in March this year, our first goal was to revive the newsletter so our members had another way to stay connected to our community. Since April we’ve been able to reach that goal every month! With three issues under our belt, we hoped you might have some thoughts about what you’d like to see in future newsletters.  Please send your suggestions to us at Marketing[at]atd-gtc.org.

Our second goal is to start to leverage our chapter’s social media accounts to better serve your professional development needs. We’re starting with Facebook -- read on to learn more about this exciting new initiative.

There’s so much more yet to do, and we’re always happy to welcome new volunteers. So, if you'd like to help, just reach out to us via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for supporting the newsletter.


ATD-GTC Marketing and Communications team,


 Welcome New Members

The following new members have joined our chapter in the past month:

  • A. Agresto
  • S. Andrews
  • S. Hawkins
  • L. Hundshamer
  • K. Krepis
  • E. Nichols
  • D. Olmscheid
  • L. Vilt
  • C. Windschitl

We welcome you on behalf of the Board and all members, and hope to connect with you soon at one of our regular events.


 Social Media Spotlight: ATD-GTC's New Q&A Community on Facebook

By ATD-GTC Volunteer, Crissy Roeglin PHR, SHRM-CP

Got questions? Your ATD- Greater Twin Cities community may have the answers! – Announcing a new resource for our members!

As learning professionals, we’re in the business of answering questions- but what about the times when we have questions ourselves? Have you ever thought it would be nice to be able to ask to your fellow ATD members an informal question when you need to? This is exactly what happened to me, and so I reached out to our ATD chapter leaders to see if there was currently a resource for this- and that’s what brings me here today to announce our new resource.

The Association for Talent Development - Greater Twin Cities Facebook page is a place where we can both learn with and from each other! Members can post questions pertaining to our professional focus of Talent Development, and other members can assist by providing their thoughts, recommended resources, and by simply using their wealth of experience to assist in answering the question.

The following group guidelines have been developed to help ensure the resource fits the needs of our community.

Group guidelines:

  1. As in everything we do at ATD-GTC, maintaining a professional and respectful environment within our group is key. We’re in this group because of our passion for helping others learn and grow.
  2. This is a safe space to ask and answer questions with no strings attached. There’s no promoting or selling of products or services within the group. Feel free to connect outside of the group to continue these conversations if both parties agree.
  3. This group is for ATD-GTC members only. Requests to post questions will be reviewed by the group admins and approved/declined based on membership.
  4. To help maintain the focus of the group, questions that are submitted will be reviewed & approved prior to being posted. When a member submits a question, one of our volunteer group admins will review it, and if it aligns with the focus of the group, will approve it to be posted. The requestor will be notified of the approval through their Facebook notifications.
  5. Because the group admins are volunteering their time, they will check in several times a week. Please be patient if your request or question isn’t reviewed and approved on the same day it’s submitted.

To post a question on the Association for Talent Development - Greater Twin Cities Facebook page:

  1. Click the above link to open Facebook and go directly to our chapter’s page
  2. Log in to your Facebook account
  3. Enter your question under Ask Association for Talent Development - Greater Twin Cities (this section is only visible when you're logged in to Facebook)
  4. Click Ask to send your question

Requests are reviewed by volunteers and will be processed as soon as the volunteers are able. Typically, within 24 hours on business days.

To view and answer questions on the Association for Talent Development - Greater Twin Cities Facebook page:

  1. Click the above link to open Facebook and go directly to our chapter’s page
  2. Log in to your Facebook account
  3. Click Comment to answer any of the questions listed (Comments are only visible when logged in to Facebook)

Comments are not moderated, so please adhere to the group guidelines!

Like most things in life, we’re learning as we go with this! Please bear with us as we start this community of sharing together. Things might not always go as planned, but that’s half the fun of a new adventure!

Crissy Roeglin PHR, SHRM-CP (and ATD-GTC member for over 15 years) 2nd Vice President Learning & Development
MidWestOne Bank
Golden Valley, MN

Who I am: I am a believer in the power of laughter. I love to have fun, try new things, and put my creativity to the test. I am a superhero movie fan, avid reader, and explorer of possibilities.

What I do: I partner with people to identify and create opportunities for growth & development. I've been in L&D for over 15 years and am driven by learning new ways to help people (including me) be the best versions of themselves.

Why I do it: My greatest source of joy and fulfillment is knowing I made a difference for someone.

Member Spotlight: A Strong Belief in Strategic Volunteering

Photo of Kristin Ford HinrichsQ&A With ATD-GTC Volunteer and Past President, Kristin Ford Hinrichs

Our goal is to bring a short Q&A with an ATD-GTC member each month to help us get to know one another a little better. Anyone can participate and everyone is encouraged to be involved. Whether you're new to Talent Development, aspiring or seasoned, your opinions and perspectives are interesting and welcome.

If you would like to be interviewed for this short Q&A, please email Marketing[at]atd-gtc.org.

You've said you've always believed strongly in volunteerism. Why?

I believe in strategic volunteering. What I mean by that, is that you should choose something that you really, really care about, as well as something that will serve you either in your personal or professional development and preferably both.

My volunteer journey began many years ago and still continues. In my time volunteering for ATD, I started with committee work and then chose to serve with Professional Development, because it served both the chapter and myself very well. During my tenure, I got to meet and interact with some of the greatest talent in the Learning and Development industry. Among the speakers and experts that interacted with our chapter were Bob Mosher, Elliott Masie, Josh Bersin, Kevin Eikenberry, and Donald Kirkpatrick.

Volunteering with ATD has been so rewarding to me, both personally and professionally, and I urge you to take advantage of a volunteer opportunity with the chapter if it makes strategic sense for you.

What is your favorite Learning theory/philosophy and why?

We should stop pretending that Learning and Development is a training function. It is not. It is a change function. In order for behavior change to occur and impact not only the individuals, but the business as a whole, we need to implement a process of continuous improvement; not an event.

I am passionate about L&D, because what we do makes a tremendous difference. What greater (and more humbling) role can there be than to help others get better? That is awesome. That is impactful.

In your opinion, what is the most exciting/interesting technology for L&D today and why?

AI. The tools out today that utilize artificial intelligence in order to shortcut development time, while also improving retention are absolutely incredible. It is magical. It allows us to do things today that just were not possible in the past due to cost in time and money. I love the blend of proven methodologies with innovative and new ones. Isn't this fun?

What motivates you?

The challenge of combining multiple solutions in order to obtain desired results.  The opportunity to help others solve challenges in a measurable way.  The ability to make a difference.

Kristin Ford Hinrichs is a Past President of ATD GTC and served on the board in professional development and in advisory positions. She is the owner of Best in Learning, Inc., a reseller/broker/consulting firm that represents multiple learning and development solutions to increase people performance with measurable results. She can be reached at 218 547 2099 or Kristin@bestinlearning.com

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