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By Damian Hanft

Together, We Create a Community that Works Better

As you may or may not know, our ATD Chapter is led 100% by volunteers.  Sometimes that means we can miss a step (forgetting to send a reminder or follow up), but more often it means we are gifted with the unique strengths and talents of our members, making ATD-GTC a special place where we learn and grow together.

I’d like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and thanks to a few specific volunteers who have been instrumental in our success and in our ability to build the ATD-GTC community.  These volunteers have been critical to our growth, but who will this year be stepping back from serving as an active volunteer.

Fred Badiyan has provided many years of service to the learning profession, to our association and as a member of the board of directors.  After over a decade of service, Fred will be leaving our board.  Not only serving on our board, as a successful business owner Fred has been generous with his network and professional resources, helping us and extending our impact in a multitude of ways.

In addition, please join me in thanking Julie Berg and Cindy Edwards for their leadership and contributions to the Coaching Community of Practice (COP).  They have both been the catalyst behind building a robust and successful COP, have helped us transform these groups into true reflections of the passions and interests of our members.  They will be passing the reins on to new leaders, but will continue to be vibrant members within our chapter.

Volunteering gives value in both directions.  And the value of your membership is what you make it.  If you have an idea or a desire to volunteer, please contact our new Volunteer Director, Liz Grossman, who can share the variety of ways that you can be involved.

Our 2020 programming is gearing up – and don’t miss your spot! Our upcoming Transforming Learning Series includes an expert panel at the Carlson School of Management and an intriguing look at how BI Worldwide is transforming learning for some major global brands. 

And, members enjoy full and complimentary access to these and many other great program options!  Check out our upcoming events by clicking HERE.


Damian Hanft

President, ATD-GTC

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