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    • 07 October 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (CDT)
    • Normandale Community College, The Partnership Center, Room P1840 9700 France Avenue S, Bloomington

    ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice

    Behind the Mask: Understanding and Coaching to Invisible Disabilities


    Cindy Edwards, Owner of Find Your Fit, LLC. and Annie Montemayor, a career counselor at Capella University and a member of the MCDA board. 

    Often people think the term disability only refers to people using a wheelchair or walker, but in reality 74% of Americans who live with a severe disability don’t use such devices. Invisible disabilities are not immediately apparent, “masked” to an observer, and can limit daily activities, ranges from mild to severe and varies from person to person.  This provides some unique workplace and career challenges to navigate.

    Join us for a discussion on some of the most common invisible disabilities, gain insights on cues associated with invisible disabilities, and learn how you can better serve your clients by asking the right question, learning when to refer, and understanding disclosure rights and options.

    Cindy Edwards, Owner of Find Your Fit™ LLC., offers Coaching and Training services for individuals and groupsCindy has been an active participant in both career development and training and development communities in the Twin Cities for over 15 years. She is an active member of ATD-GTC, MCDA, and NCDA. She holds an M.A. in Human Resource Development from the University of St. Thomas, is an AAC -ADHD Certified Coach, a certified in Brain Based Coach from the Neuroleadership Institute, and a NCDA FCD (GCDF) Instructor Certified practitioner.  

    Annie Montemayor is a career counselor at Capella University and a member of the MCDA board. As a member of the  MCDA diversity and inclusion committee, she works to expand the organization’s scope of equity and inclusion work and its education offered for practitioners. She is particularly interested in the topic of working with clients with disabilities. Increasing numbers of individuals with disabilities are entering college and the workforce, creating a need for increased training and attention on how to best support these individuals in their education and career goals. She has a master’s in Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Kansas. 

    This Event is Free to ATD-GTC members who may also bring one guest for free.
    • 16 October 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters, LOWER LEVEL CONFERENCE ROOM, Golden Valley - 5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600, Minneapolis, MN, 55416

    ATD-GTC's Learning Lab:

    How to Influence:

    Sell Your Ideas and Develop Partners

    Here’s the simple truth. Just a handful of people will determine whether your business plan, organization-wide effort, or individual program will flourish. So, what do you do with this information? You identify critical relationships, cultivate each for mutual-benefit, and watch your level of influence bloom.

    This workshop will cover:

    1. How to build and measure an influence plan.

    2. The three types of people you need on your side.

    3. How ideas spread through networks and social capital is earned.

    4. Eight seldom-used, yet powerful, ways to nurture long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships.

    Personality and luck will only take you so far. A proven method, knowledge, and the resulting confidence will take you – and your level of influence – ever further.

    Aaron Zaslofsky

    Founder of Wheelhouse Communications 

    A thought-provoking and energetic teacher, Aaron Zaslofsky has spent two decades on influence, how it’s earned, and can get ideas sold and partners made. McDonald’s, Ameriprise Financial, Porsche, and Wheelhouse clients have benefited from Aaron’s practical approach to, and deep experience with, influence.   

    All proceeds from this event will benefit the ATD-GTC Chapter.

    • 28 October 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
    • Hosted at Optum Headquarters - 11000 Optum Circle, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

    The ATD-GTC Training Community of Practice Presents

    Delivering Professional Audio on a Budget

    You've probably heard it before: "Recording good audio is tough." And it's even tougher to do on a budget. Professional-level equipment can be expensive and there are a lot of options. Plus, after you record, what tools should you use to edit and share? All of this can be overwhelming and it's easy to overspend.

    Join the discussion on equipment, editing, common pain points, and the three lowest-cost contributors to recording quality audio:

    • The top three lowest-cost contributors to quality audio recording: Does professional quality audio for eLearning and video need to cost a fortune? We'll discuss the greatest factors that contribute to a high-quality audio recording that you can put into effect today for little-to-no cost.
    • The best equipment for the task at hand: Microphones? Digital audio workstations? Accessories? We'll discuss what you (actually) need to buy and when should you use it.
    • The basics of audio editing: What basic software editing tools or features should you be using to create clear, consistent, professional audio? We'll discuss a variety of functions available in almost all software editing tools, and concepts around how best to use them.
    • Your greatest challenges: What are your pain points or challenges when recording or editing audio.

    Presenter: Tyler Jaax, Lead Documentation & Training Specialist

    Questar, Inc.

    This Event is Free to ATD-GTC members who may also bring one guest for free.

    • 30 October 2019
    • tbd

    October ATD-GTC Culture of Learning Series:

    GP Strategies Presents:

    2019 Voice of the Learner Research

    Many Learning and Development (L&D) organizations are building their digital learning strategy and focusing on self-paced and self-directed solutions.  These solutions need to scale and reach both global and virtual audiences and it's critical to understand how the employees and end consumers of the solutions prefer to learn and develop and to align methods and approaches to deliver what today's learners really need.

    Brittney Cole, Director of Innovation at GP Strategies will present the findings of GP Strategies' 2019 Voice of the Learner Study, and will share insights about the evolution in the world of work and learning.  

    Britney Cole, Director of Innovation at GP Strategies

    Britney is a learning leader with more than a decade of experience leading teams in organization development, human performance, and corporate learning. She is helping pioneer new experiential learning methods and how they can be integrated to achieve positive business impact.

    Founded in 1966, GP Strategies delivers performance improvement programs, and is a leader in sales and technical training, eLearning solutions, management consulting, and engineering services in more than 16 industries.

    Program Details:

    Location:  TBD

    Date October 30, 2019

    This Event is Free to ATD-GTC members who may also bring one guest for free.

    • 06 November 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
    • Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters, LOWER LEVEL CONFERENCE ROOM, Golden Valley - 5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600, Minneapolis, MN, 55416

    The ATD-GTC Training Community of Practice Presents

    The World Café – A Learning Methodology that Turns Passion and Dialogue in to Action

    Based on systems theory, people often self-organize around their passion. Learn how to focus a group on a “burning question” – something everyone cares about. Then harness the group’s energy in to action using the World Café process for change.

    The World Café has been developed by Organization Development practitioners over the past two decades and has been used in many organizations around the world, such as Hewlett-Packard and GlaxoSmithKline. It is highly engaging and promotes a participative process for people who care about a common purpose.

    We will learn how the process works by experiencing it. Led by Bob Randall, Professor of Management at the College of St. Scholastica, participants will help ATD Twin Cities identify learning topics for 2020 through the World Café process.

    Bob Randall, EdD, MBA is an Assistant Professor of Management at the College of St. Scholastica in the MBA Leadership and Change program on the Twin Cities campus. He is also CEO of Transcend Engagement LLC (, a provider of employee engagement technology and consultancy firm. Bob has spent 23 years in private industry, leading domestic and international sales organizations, running manufacturing facilities, leading M/A activity and strategic development/implementation for a number of organizations. Bob has his MBA in Finance and Doctorate in Organization Development, both from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

    Robert (Bob) Hartl is Director of the MBA in Leadership & Change, an avant-garde master’s degree at the College of St. Scholastica (CSS) in Minnesota and is the recipient of the Max H. Lavine Award for Teaching Excellence, the highest academic recognition given by CSS.  Bob began his career in municipal government where he became the Chief Administrative Officer for Duluth, Minnesota. Following his work as the VP of Human Resources and Organization Development for the St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System (now Essentia Health System), he became Chair of the Management Department at St. Scholastica in 2001. Bob began his OD consulting practice in 1987. When not teaching, he is CEO and Senior Partner at Hartl Pearson Consulting, LLC. He works in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, frequently with health care organizations, government agencies, and in higher education.

    This event is free to all ATD members. 

    ATD members may register one complimentary guest. 

    Non members who wish to attend may purchase a $15 ticket when they register.

    • 07 November 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 400 Highway 169 South, Suite 300 Minneapolis 55426

    ATD-GTC's Learning Lab:

    How to Implement a Certification Program

    The topic of “certification” often incites one of two extremes: some are afraid of it and the legal implications that it may include, and others award it with no more value than a certificate of attendance. If you are interested in designing or implementing a proficiency-based certification program, this workshop is for you!

    After this hands-on workshop you will be able to:

    1. Define the differences between a certificate and a certification program.
    2. Articulate when a certification program might be appropriate
    3. List the requirements for implementing a certification program
    4. Describe the process for authorizing certification instructors
    5. Practice demonstrating the value of a certification to stakeholders

    The workshop will be based on two books, “Performance-Based Certification” by Dr. Judith Hale and “Product Training for the Technical Expert” by Dan Bixby. Both books are published by Wiley and available on Amazon or your vendor of choice.


    Dan Bixby
    President, ATD-GTC

    Director of Training, Optum

    For over 25 years, Dan has dedicated his career to learning and training. His workshops are engaging and immediately applicable. He has trained learning professionals in over twenty countries and is passionate about delivering performance improvement, not just information. 

    All proceeds from this event will benefit the ATD-GTC Chapter.

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