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    • 04 February 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
    • Edina Library 5820 Grandview Square, Edina

    ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice

    Date: MondayFebruary 4, 2019

    Time:  11:45-1:15

    Location:  Edina Library

    5820 Grandview Square, Edina

    Topic: Using Strengthsfinder to get Unstuck

    Strengthsfinder is a well-known personality assessment, but it is also a rich coaching tool that can help clients get “over the hump” or out of a funk with more clarity & energy.  Even if you have no background with Strengthsfinder, it can be a powerful tool.  Using the client’s Full 34 or Top 5 Strengths list as a basis, you can shine a light on why a client feels stuck, and help them quickly:

    • Understand what is driving their emotions or thoughts
    • Identify new options for getting unstuck and moving forward
    • Determine how to move forward with energy, using their own specific strengths
    Our presenter, Nancy Fisher, is a Gallup-certified Strengths coach and development professional who works with individuals, teams and organizations who value personal development.  Using a variety of meaningful techniques – including a big dose of Strengthsfinder - she helps people embrace their strengths and shine.  Nancy has a passion for people, personal awareness and growth, and most importantly, she has a passion for fully living life.  She believes in people, and aspires to help them be the best version of themselves.  When Nancy is not coaching, you can find her enjoying road trips, concerts, sunny patios, vacations and Twins games.  
    • 04 March 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
    • Edina Library, 5280 Grandview Square, Edina

    ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice

    Trust the Process:  What really happens when we shift from rescuing clients to releasing responsibility.

    Most of us would deny we ever rescued a client.  We faithfully recite the statement, “We believe our clients are resourceful and they have the answers inside of them.”  However, when the stakes are high, we are tempted to step in and expand awareness for them.  We think we are simply helping by sharing a story, providing a bit of information, or suggesting alternatives in hopes that our efforts wake people up to better outcomes or solutions.  The reality is the opposite often happens. When we step in, we take away their opportunity to discern what is important, discover their path forward and develop self-efficacy and resiliency. This keeps them playing small in the world and limited to the information we imparted on them rather than them stumbling and learning from each experience. In addition, it greys the lines of coaching impacting our personal credibility as well as the validity of the entire field.


    • Understand the possible negative effect a coach can have on a client when s/he influences the session vs. trusting the person and the process.
    • Further develop coaching skills to expand perspective for the client without having to insert personal perspective or guidance
    • Re-engage and further believe in the power of coaching
    Our Presenter:

    Jennie Antolak is co-founder and President of Learning Journeys, a coaching certification institute committed to protecting the standards, ethics, and credibility of coaching throughout the world. At Learning Journeys, she co-developed and teaches their practitioner level certification (ACTP approved), mastery level certification, and narrative coaching certification.  With her trusted partner, her mother Ruthie, Jennie also co-wrote a narrative coaching book and development numerous coaching tools and resources.

    This event is free to ATD members. 

    ATD members may bring one guest at no charge.

    Registration fee for non-members is $10 and must be paid through online registration.


    • 01 April 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
    • Southdale Library, 7001 York Ave. S., Edina

    ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice

    A Culture of Good

    Culture of Good is a company that was originally designed to create or reignite a company’s culture and their own sense of purpose and fulfillment with their employees, their clients and their communities.  As a consultant who works with a company’s leadership team(s), Shannon Rose has become an early adopter of Culture of Good in a Box.  This is a tool that a facilitator or coach can easily adopt and utilize as a leadership tool.  This box of tools will help you work with leadership to find a corporate cause (CSR) that is right for an organization, gain buy-in from stakeholder(s), operationalize an organization’s Cause and Doing Good platform, and launch a Big Good event.

    In this session we will touch on:

    • 1.       Culture of Good history and why I became an early adopter
    • 2.       The beginnings of how to utilize and facilitate Culture of Good in a Box

    Our Presenter: Shannon Rose started her career at a small tech company where she quickly realized her knack for technology and business solutions.  Her drive to know global business strategies became apparent when she found the localization industry and realized that business was a global platform for positive change.  She found that her skill-set naturally gravitated towards the life science, healthcare and medical technology industries, which were prime for change and efficiencies.  Shannon Rose has worked in international product launch for the past 15 years building, supporting and motivating global teams of high-performers to be engaged in their work, their lives and their communities.  Today, Shannon Rose carries on her passion of igniting positive change through global business strategies as Founder and Principal Consultant of Shannon Rose Consulting.  She is an avid combat Muay Thai student, enjoys camping with her family and experiencing as much variety as she can!

    • 06 May 2019
    • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
    • TBD

    ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice

    Applying Agile to Your Coaching

    Presenter:  Stevie Borne

    An Agile mindset can be applied to your coaching profession, even though it originated in software development.  Agile is about a mindset, a set of principles, and some suggested practices to tie it all together.  Explore a brief overview of what Agile is all about and discover 5 creative tips to apply Agile to your coaching.

    Stevie Borne is a speaker, coach, trainer, and facilitator who has spent over 20 years in the software industry.  Her work over the last 15 years has been coaching Agile teams and their leaders to successfully utilize Agile principles and practices.  Stevie uses a Strengths-focused approach in her coaching.  She infuses CliftonStrengths into her speaking and facilitation activities.  She is passionate about equipping leaders and their teams to do their best work every day through the power of effectively utilizing their Strengths.

     This event is free to ATD members. 

    ATD members may bring one guest at no charge.

    Registration fee for non-members is $10 and must be paid through online registration.


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