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Coaching SIG: Establishing Credibility as a Coach—Through Evidenced Based Strengths Strategy

  • 05 October 2015
  • 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
  • Penn-Lake Library 8800 Penn Ave. S., Bloomington


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Establishing Credibility as a Coach—Through Evidenced Based Strengths Strategy

Monday, October 5

Penn-Lake Library  8800 Penn Ave. S., Bloomington

(This is a special 90-minute session so our presenter will start promptly at 11:45.)

As the profession of coaching develops and coaches increasingly flood the market, perspective clients are looking for indicators of clear differentiation and evidence-based strategies that can, in fact, deliver results.  They want to know that a coach is able to create a transformative experience that will create the expected return on investment from coaching. While there are many exceptional strategies available to help move the needle on performance, there are few more efficient and powerful than the effective application of strengths in coaching.  All great results come through strengths, Peter Drucker taught, and knowing how to powerfully leverage strengths in coaching gives you that additional differentiating edge that sets you apart from other coaches.  It allows you to deliver results more quickly, and accelerate client growth more profoundly as you call forth the client’s innate strengths and how to capitalize on them in resolving their own performance issues.  This session will address this exciting emerging trend: strengths strategy in coaching as a statistically significant catalyst of measurable performance.  It will unveil how:

  • Effective strengths application in coaching helps clients create pronounced quantifiable change
  • To leverage strengths as a way to build trust/credibility quickly with clients and potential clients.
  • To strategically use strengths to mitigate weakness and eliminate the frustration and toxicity that interferes with performance and relationship dysfunction.

This session will be a hands-on, experiential learning event, allowing for exploration of strengths application in real time—including the introduction of 3 tools and skills which have been shown to be statistically significant drivers of results.  It will also offer coaches some ideas for measuring their clients’ strengths-related growth, and how to differentiate themselves through powerful application of strengths in their coaching practice.
This program will be presented by DeAnna Murphy, who has over 7,000 hours coaching and facilitating experiential learning and leadership development programs – and is the founder and president of Strengths Strategy Inc., the leading strengths application organization in the world. She is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, Unlocking Strengths, The Key to Accelerating Energy, Performance, and Relationships.  You can download the first chapter here to learn more about the strategy of strengths:

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For more information about the Coaching SIG, contact Julie Berg at or Cindy Edwards at

3208 W Lake Street STE 25

Minneapolis, MN 55416 


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