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ATD-GTC Events contribute toward professional development hours for APTD Certification.

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Upcoming Events

    • 11 December 2020
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)
    • Virtual Event

    The Greater Twin Cities Chapter of the Association for Talent Development and Minority Business Growth Alliance Present

    Breaking Taboos and Avoiding Minefields: Skills to Help Build Cross-Cultural Communication.

    A Partnership Panel Event

    Many of us want to reach across the racial divide, learn more about others, and build deeper relationships with those who are different. But often, just when we recognize we want to connect and communicate, a bit of discomfort creeps in. What if my words are misconstrued? What if my unconscious bias shows through? What if I say/do the wrong thing despite my “good intentions”?

    The Twin Cities Chapter of the Association for Talent Development will partner with the Minority Business Growth Alliance to host an expert panel event on December 11, from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM: Breaking Taboos and Avoiding Minefields: Skills to Help Build Cross-Cultural Communication. The event will be an open and frank dialogue that explores ways we can build greater communication competence around race and communication in the workplace and in our everyday lives.  


    Dethra U. Giles

    (Pronounced “Deetruh”)

    Founder of ExecuPrep, Keynote Speaker, Author

    Dethra U. Giles is an international consultant, best-selling author and acclaimed speaker having delivered keynotes at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Army Corp of Engineers, and the Salvation Army. She is the founder of ExecuPrep – a global coaching, leadership development, and performance improvement company.  She is the author of "Unstuck: Discovering Career Limiting Actions," “Breaking Good Habits™” and hosts the podcast ”Happily Ever Employed.”  Dethra has also served as adjunct faculty at the Federal Executive Institute, Georgia State University, Mercer University, and as a faculty member for Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses and the Tory Burch Foundation.

    Learn more about Dethra at

    Anyi Espinal

    (Pronounced “Angie”)

    Sr. Program Development Manager for the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA)

    Anyi currently serves as Senior Content & Training Consultant for the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA), where she manages strategic partnerships with some of the largest national corporations in the foodservice and hospitality industry. She leads efforts to increase the cultural intelligence of the foodservice and hospitality sectors, by coaching and facilitating a variety of competency-based discussions and self-analysis exercises.  Anyi brings a breadth of skills and abilities through her grassroots work in community relations, development of inner city youth, training the formerly incarcerated workforce, Latina political empowerment, and business outreach. She defines the value of transnationality, immigrant, and the multilingual workforce.

    Learn more about Anyi at


    Karl O. Benson

    President and CEO of Minnesota’s Black Chamber of Commerce

    As the President and CEO of Minnesota’s Black Chamber of Commerce, Karl clearly understands the concept that effective communication and change begin and end with our relationships. In addition to his role with the Black Chamber of Commerce, he serves as a Black Business Consultant for Minneapolis Sports & Entertainment. Karl also works with One@One, overseeing the recruitment, training, and education of peace officers to ensure that communities of color in Minnesota experience safety, security and protection.

    Learn more about Karl at

    Registration is free, but we hope you will consider making a $10 donation to the Minority Business Growth Alliance, who provides pro-bono services to minority business owners, helping them build new skills and capabilities that are critical for growth while connecting volunteers across cultures.

    Learn more about the Minority Business Growth Alliance at

    • 17 December 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CST)
    • Webinar (Zoom)

    ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice

    Book Club Discussion: I Hear You by Michael Sorensen

    Grab your lunch and settle in for our first COP Book Club Discussion!

    What does empathetic listening sound like?  How do we as coaches use and cultivate empathy in our daily practice?

    Grab your copy of I Hear You by Michael Sorensen and join us for a lively book club discussion with prompts for taking our learnings deeper and allowing us to apply this book to our coaching practices.

    End your year sharing and connecting with your COP colleagues! 

    Please note: Webinar access will be provided to registrants via an email prior to the event. 

    This Event is Free to ATD-GTC Members

    Members may bring one complimentary guest.

    • 11 January 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CST)
    • Virtual Event

    The Greater Twin Cities Chapter of the Association for Talent Development Presents

    Workshop: How to Implement a Certification Program

    The topic of “certification” often incites one of two extremes: some are afraid of it and the legal implications that it may include, and others award it with no more value than a certificate of attendance. If you are interested in designing or implementing an internal, proficiency-based certification program, this workshop is for you!

    This workshop is a re-run of a previous ATD workshop.

    After this hands-on workshop you will be able to:

    1.      Define the differences between a certificate and a certification program.

    2.     Articulate when a certification program might be appropriate

    3.     List the requirements for implementing a certification program

    4.     Describe the process for authorizing certification instructors

    The workshop will be based on two books, “Performance-Based Certification” by Dr. Judith Hale and “Product Training for the Technical Expert” by Dan Bixby. Both books are published by Wiley and available on Amazon or your vendor of choice

Past Events

30 November 2020 Professional Workshop: How to Implement a Certification Program (Single-Day Format)
20 November 2020 November Coaching CoP - Community Conversations: A Deeper Look at Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Your Practice
19 November 2020 November - Transforming Learning - Polaris
10 November 2020 Leading Up: Developing More Influence with Senior Leaders
20 October 2020 October Coaching CoP - Creating Connection and Community in the Virtual Coaching Space
15 October 2020 October - Transforming Learning - Caribou Coffee
07 October 2020 October - Transforming Learning - BI Worldwide
06 October 2020 October - Coffee Talk - How to Engage Your Audience and Rethink Hiring (Using a Bike!)
06 October 2020 October Change Leadership Community of Practice: How to Drive Change in Your Organization – Change Strategy and Communication Planning
29 September 2020 What Works about Virtual Work: A Conversation about Lessons Learned with Industry Experts
24 September 2020 September Coaching CoP - Coaching Trends: What is My Role as Coach related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?
17 September 2020 September - Transforming Learning - Ecolab
02 September 2020 September - Coffee Talk - Trainer's Intuition: What is it, and How do I Develop it?
26 August 2020 Agile within Learning and Development
11 August 2020 August - Developing and Delivering Effective Training Programs - Virtual Team Activities in 30 Minutes or Less
11 August 2020 August Learning Lab - Insights Discovery
29 July 2020 July Coaching Community of Practice: World Café - Design your Future Community
28 July 2020 July Learning Lab - The Gamification of Learning: A Certification for Talent Development and HR Professionals
21 July 2020 July Change Leadership Community of Practice: Belonging Cues, Vulnerability, and Trust in Times of Change
30 June 2020 June - Virtual Event - Gamification for Talent Development: Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Entice, Engage, and Encourage Learners
18 June 2020 June - Transforming Learning - Virtual Event Hosted by Dale Carnegie
19 May 2020 SOLD OUT!! Member Networking Event - Transforming Learning; a LIVE Virtual Discussion
13 May 2020 SOLD OUT!! Virtual Workshop: May Change Leadership CoP
04 May 2020 May Coaching CoP - WEBINAR A Time for Relaxation
22 April 2020 LinkedIn Workshop Series: Webinar - Maximizing Your Digital Presence
08 April 2020 April ATD Learning Lab - Influence: Persuading By Building Trust
08 April 2020 Virtual Workshop: April Change Leadership CoP
06 April 2020 April Coaching CoP - WEBINAR: Coaching Millennials/Gen Z in the Workplace
19 March 2020 March - Transforming Learning - BI Worldwide
18 March 2020 March ATD Learning Lab - Making Change Happen: Accelerating Change for Faster Results
05 March 2020 March Training CoP - Design Thinking
02 March 2020 March Coaching CoP - Coaching Executives in Organizations
27 February 2020 February - Transforming Learning - Carlson School of Executive Education
19 February 2020 NEW Change Leadership Community of Practice! - Informal Coffee Discussion
03 February 2020 February Coaching CoP - What Makes a Great Coach?
06 January 2020 January Coaching CoP - Transformative Approaches for Working with Clients
18 November 2019 Members-Only Backstage Pass Event - Meet our 2019 Speakers!
06 November 2019 November Training Community of Practice: Introducing The "World Café" Learning Methodology – Turning Passion and Dialogue in to Action
05 November 2019 November Learning Lab - How to Implement a Certification Program
30 October 2019 October ATD-GTC - Culture of Learning - 2019 Voice of the Learner: Research Findings from GP Strategies
28 October 2019 October Training Community of Practice: Delivering Professional Audio on a Budget
16 October 2019 October 16th Learning Lab - How to Influence: Sell Your Ideas and Develop Partners
07 October 2019 October 7th ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice: Behind the Mask: Understanding and Coaching to Invisible Disabilities
09 September 2019 September 9th ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice: Leadership Embodiment Coaching
15 August 2019 August ATD-GTC Culture of Learning Series - US Bank Presents a Culture of Learning
09 August 2019 August Training Community of Practice: The Flint Hills Resources Virtual Reality Experience and What it Means to You
06 August 2019 ATD-GTC's Learning Lab LinkedIn Workshop Series: Maximizing Your Digital Presence
24 July 2019 Members Only Live Webinar - Chapter Update
20 June 2019 June 20th - ATD-GTC Culture of Learning Series Best Buy Presents: Building a Learning Culture
29 May 2019 May 29, ATD-GTC Training Community of Practice: No Budget Video -
16 May 2019 May ATD-GTC Culture of Learning Series United Health Group Presents: Building a Learning Culture
15 May 2019 May 15th Learning Lab - Migrating to e-Learning Using Captivate
06 May 2019 May 6, ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice: Applying Agile to Your Coaching
02 May 2019 PEN Works 2019
18 April 2019 April ATD-GTC Culture of Learning Program - Code 42 Presents - Building a Culture of Learning
01 April 2019 April 1, ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice: A Culture of Good
22 March 2019 March 22nd- Training Community of Practice - How Best Buy Uses Virtual Training to Solve Common Training Challenges
21 March 2019 March 21st - ATD-GTC Culture of Learning Series - Tennant Corporation Presents: Building a Learning Culture
04 March 2019 March 4th - ATD GTC Coaching Community of Practice - Trust the Process: What really happens when we shift from rescuing clients to releasing responsibility
18 February 2019 Members Only Live Webinar - 2019 State of the Chapter
04 February 2019 February 4, 2019 ATD-GTC Coaching Community of Practice Event
07 January 2019 Coaching CoP: Type Motivators & Saboteurs: The Angels & Demons on Your Shoulders
20 December 2018 Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)/Eagan - Volunteer Opportunity Session 2
13 December 2018 Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)/Coon Rapids - Volunteer Opportunity Session 1
15 November 2018 November's Culture of Learning Series - Hosted by Inspire Brands
17 October 2018 October Program - "Creating a Culture of Learning"
01 October 2018 Coaching CoP (fka SIG)
26 September 2018 ATD-GTC Chapter Season Kick-Off
10 September 2018 Coaching SIG
25 July 2018 Training SIG: Business Training, Change Management, and Standard Operating Procedures
18 May 2018 Top Learning and Development Trends & 2017 State of the Industry Report
18 May 2018 ATD-GTC New Member Orientation & Chapter Member Refresh
07 May 2018 Coaching SIG: Time & Email Management Strategies – Help Your Clients Be More Successful
19 April 2018 Membership Appreciation and Networking Event
02 April 2018 Coaching SIG: Big Plans and Tiny Habits
21 March 2018 Training SIG: Business Acumen
16 March 2018 The Intersection Between Change Management and T&D
16 March 2018 ATD-GTC New Member Orientation & Chapter Member Refresh
05 March 2018 Coaching SIG: Diversity Issues in Coaching & Consulting
16 February 2018 12 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Development Business, Internally or Externally
05 February 2018 Coaching SIG: Overview of Emergenetics - Presented by Erin Schneider
19 January 2018 Shifting Mindset
08 January 2018 Coaching SIG: Quiet Leadership
17 November 2017 Monthly Meeting: Presenting the Business Case for Creating Alignment
17 November 2017 ATD-GTC New Member Orientation & Chapter Member Refresh
26 October 2017 ATD-GTC Learning That Counts Conference 2017
22 September 2017 Monthly Meeting: The Impact of Corporate and Personal Branding on Training and Development
21 September 2017 Growing an Effective Portfolio
11 September 2017 Coaching SIG: What Do You Stand FOR in Your Business?
23 June 2017 The Value of Human Analytics in the Workplace
21 June 2017 ATD-GTC Chapter Sponsorship and Advertising
01 May 2017 Coaching SIG (May) - Applying Conversational Intelligence® to Leadership Coaching
03 April 2017 Coaching SIG - Mindfulness for Professionals with Anca van der Linden, MA
16 March 2017 eLearning SIG: Best Practices Training Should Steal from Software Development
06 March 2017 Coaching SIG (March) Recognizing Anxiety and Depression in Clients – Presented by Julie Anderson, LMFT
24 February 2017 eLearning SIG: Making Training Stick with Deepa Nirmal
06 February 2017 Coaching SIG: Helping clients with ADD/ADHD - Understanding Executive Functioning Issues
20 January 2017 Making Change Stick No Matter Your Role
09 January 2017 Coaching SIG - "The Art of Relaxation"
09 January 2017 2017 ATD-GTC Season Pass Registration
18 November 2016 Monthly Meeting: Leveraging Lessons of Neuroscience in Talent Development
07 November 2016 COACHING SIG: Working with Psychological Energy in Coaching
14 October 2016 ATD-GTC Learning That Counts Conference 2016
14 October 2016 Volunteers for ATD-GTC Learning That Counts Conference 2016
06 October 2016 Monthly Meeting: The Physics of Brand
12 September 2016 The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
30 August 2016 Monthly Meeting: Mastering Complex Processes:How Learning & Development Impacts Processes
17 June 2016 Monthly Meeting: Engaging in Engagement: Tools to Understand and Participate in the Engagement Agenda
02 May 2016 Coaching SIG: Appreciative Inquiry as a Coaching Tool
26 April 2016 Performance SIG - April 2016
14 April 2016 ATD-GTC Member Appreciation Event
04 April 2016 Coaching SIG: Peaceful Resolutions - How to Prevent and Address Conflict
30 March 2016 Training SIG: Articulate Storyline Tips, Tricks, “Gotcha’s” and Best Practices
18 March 2016 Monthly Meeting: Building Brain-Friendly Workplaces
07 March 2016 Coaching SIG: How's Your Brain Energy? Productivity?
19 February 2016 Monthly Meeting: Capture Elusive Level 3 Data: The Secrets of Survey Design
01 February 2016 Coaching SIG: Listening Through a Different Cultural Voice
27 January 2016 Training SIG: Diversity of Experience in the Classroom
09 January 2016 2016 ATD-GTC Season Pass
04 January 2016 Coaching SIG: Groundwork for Building Successful Relationships
17 December 2015 Monthly Meeting: “To where are you driving the bus”: Reflections on the Learning Team & Learning Profession
20 November 2015 Monthly Meeting: What is Working in Change Management
09 November 2015 Coaching SIG: Resiliency, Part II
28 October 2015 Training SIG: Innovative Ways to Apply Adult Learning Principles
27 October 2015 Performance SIG
16 October 2015 Monthly Meeting: ROI by Design: Standardizing ISD Methodology for Measurement
05 October 2015 Coaching SIG: Establishing Credibility as a Coach—Through Evidenced Based Strengths Strategy
23 September 2015 Training SIG: Why Level 3 Measurement is Essential to Instructional Design
21 September 2015 Healthcare SIG: Getting Executive Buy-in and Sponsorship for Healthcare Education
10 September 2015 Disney Institute: Disney's Approach to Selection, Training & Engagement
29 July 2015 Training SIG: Best Practices in Creating Learning Materials
23 July 2015 ATD-GTC Annual Networking Event
16 July 2015 eLearning SIG: Creating Interactive Training Using eLearning and Simulation
19 June 2015 Monthly Meeting: Speaking on the Spot: How to Speak Effectively Under Pressure
16 June 2015 MNISPI Banquet & Book Exchange
21 May 2015 Monthly Meeting: Mobile Learning Environments: Formal, Experiential, Moment of Need
19 May 2015 PARTNER EVENT: MNISPI National Conference Recap and 99 Second Presentations
04 May 2015 Coaching SIG: Group Coaching – How to Build a Group for Fit, Performance & Individual Safety
21 April 2015 PARTNER EVENT: MNISPI The E-learning Talent Show
17 April 2015 Monthly Meeting:Training from the Trenches. Lessons from 15 Years of Presentation Training
15 April 2015 Performance SIG
06 April 2015 Coaching SIG: Resiliency 101
26 March 2015 E-Learning SIG: Best Practices Series: Blended Learning Successes
20 March 2015 Monthly Meeting: Driving Impact with Learning Analytics
18 March 2015 Training SIG: Best Supporting Players in an eLearning Course
02 March 2015 Coaching SIG: Coaching Difficult Clients and Helping Managers with Difficult Employees
20 February 2015 Organizational and Career Development SIG
20 February 2015 Monthly Meeting: ATD-GTC State of the Talent Development Industry in Minnesota
18 February 2015 Performance SIG Topic: Measurement and Data for Performance Improvement
02 February 2015 Coaching SIG: How to Create a Powerful New Client Lens with Somatic Practices
28 January 2015 Training SIG: Scenario-based eLearning: Creating Context for Engaged Learning
21 January 2015 We Thank You! Member Appreciation 2015
21 January 2015 E-Learning SIG: Best Practices Series: Using Podcasts and Video
05 January 2015 Coaching SIG: Peer Learning & Coaching Groups
17 December 2014 Performance SIG
21 November 2014 Monthly Meeting: Talk to the Elephant: Design for Behavior Change
18 November 2014 Ken Blachard Situational Leadership II Training (Two-Day Workshop)
17 November 2014 Ken Blachard Situational Leadership II Training (Two-Day Workshop)
03 November 2014 Coaching SIG: Intentional Leadership
22 October 2014 1 Day: Conference Wednesday, 10/22 Registration
21 October 2014 1 Day: Conference Tuesday, 10/21 Registration
21 October 2014 2014 Learning that Counts Sponsor/Exhibitor Registration
21 October 2014 2014 Learning that Counts Conference Volunteer RSVP
21 October 2014 2014 Annual Conference - 2 days
24 September 2014 Training SIG: Aligning Training and Measurement Strategies with Business Goals
22 September 2014 Articulate Roadshow with Tom Kuhlmann
19 September 2014 Monthly Meeting: Develop a Global Competency Strategy Aligned with Business Goals
18 September 2014 E-Learning SIG: Best Practices Series: Best Practices Series: Storyboarding
08 September 2014 Coaching SIG: How to Generate Revenue Through LinkedIn
21 August 2014 E-Learning SIG: Best Practices Series: Working with SMEs
20 June 2014 Monthly Meeting: Skills Gap ‘Cracker Barrel’
19 June 2014 E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate
16 June 2014 Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate
02 June 2014 Coaching SIG: Using Positive Psychology in Leadership Coaching
28 May 2014 Training SIG: Quick Wins toward Measuring Value
22 May 2014 eLearning SIG: An eLearning Training Model for Non-profits

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